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                                                                                    PROPER DRILL PADDLE USAGE

PLEASE READ THESE PROPER USAGE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. We want you to enjoy your new Drill Paddle for as long as possible.  


                                                                     ASSEMBLY OF THE DRILL PADDLE

​​​1. ​​Insert the Drive Shaft end into the chuck on your selected battery powered drill

2. Tighten chuck to securely hold the Drive Shaft

​3. Your Drill Paddle is now ready for operation

                                                                        USAGE OF THE DRILL PADDLE

1. Firmly secure one hand on your selected battery powered drill. This will be your direction hand.

2. With your other hand, hold the foam hand grip. This will be your pivot hand.

3. Lower the propeller end of the Drill Paddle into the water while keeping the Drive Shaft at an angle.

4. Keeping your pivot hand stationary, move your direction hand in the opposite direction that you want to you move your watercraft. This will put the             propeller in the proper alignment to move the watercraft in the desired direction.

5. This product comes with a carrying strap for attaching to your craft or on your shoulder over rough terrain when not in use. DO NOT ATTACH to Drill or     Hand while in use.

                                                     SERVICE & MAINTENANCE
                                                                    PROPELLER REPLACEMENT

CAUTION: Disconnect the power source from the Drill Paddle before beginning any propeller work or maintenance.

1. Disconnect the power source from the Drill Paddle prior to changing the propeller.

2. Hold the propeller and loosen the Prop Nut with pliers or a wrench.

3. Remove the Prop Nut. If the Shear Pin is sheared or broken, you will need to hold the Drive Shaft stationary with       
pliers or leave in the drill with battery disconnected. 

4. Turn the old prop to horizontal and pull it straight off. If Shear Pin falls out, put it back in.

5. Align the new propeller with the Shear Pin.

6. Install the Prop Washer and Prop Nut.

7. Tighten the Prop Nut 1/4 turn past snug. Do not over tighten as this can damage the prop.

                                                  TROUBLESHOOTING & REPAIR

1. If your Drill Paddle fails to run or lacks power, check battery of your cordless power drill for proper full charge and make sure that propeller is free from debris that could restrict movement and/ or possibly cause damage

2. If your Drill Paddle loses power after a short running time, check battery the charge of your cordless power drill. If low, restore to proper full charge.

3. If you experience prop vibration during normal operation, remove and rotate the prop 180 degrees.  

You can email us with any other questions regarding your Drill Paddle product. To email your question,  click HERE