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Drill Paddle

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Dave R. says,

"Me and a pal went to Agate Lake last weekend. I have a 14 foot aluminum boat, with a trolling motor, two 12 volt marine batteries (about 60 lbs a piece) all my fishing gear and lunches, we had gotten almost across the entire lake when my trolling motor just QUIT !! I got out the DRILL PADDLE and my 20 volt drill and proceeded back across the lake, with the wind and waves against us. The DRILL PADDLE saved the day !!! It worked exceedingly well. I'll be sure to take it with me on ALL my boating trips, just in case !!"


Mike S. says,

"I can see it helping you get out of a tough spot. Great product! Works well! DRILL PADDLE BABY!!!".


What it is...

The Drill Paddle is a lightweight 1.5 lb portable water paddle powered by an ordinary cordless drill. It easily attaches to the front of your drill just like a normal drill bit, simply tighten the drill chuck around the drive shaft. It can power a small boat, canoe, or raft to get to your favorite fishing spot. It can also be used as an emergency breakdown paddle on a regular sized boat. The drill paddle is more convenient and versatile then a trolling motor because there is no heavy 12 volt battery to haul around. The drill paddle comes with an unsinkable cover in a variety of colors. With the drill paddle you are able to move in forward and reverse using the settings on your drill. The battery on your drill lasts approximately 30-60 minutes depending on size and weight of the boat (lithium-ion batteries last 20% longer), and will move the boat one to five knots depending on size.

Boating regulations and laws may vary by state

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Terry R. says,

"Went to Lake of the Woods with a friend to go fishing in his 17 ft 6 inch Alum-a-weld Super V full sized fishing boat with all our gear. We got clear across the lake, then my friend said 'lets see if this DRILL PADDLE can get us back to shore!' He hooked his 19v craftsman drill to it and off we went! It had to be around 1000 yards back! I can definitely see how this would come in handy during a breakdown or emergency situation. It sure beats rowing with oars!"

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Martin D. says,

"Even with my old drill, I just used it as an assist to my flippers. It worked as well as if I had been paddling my hardest. I was a little concerned about it fitting on my boat, I found a good place to stow it no problem. Great Idea !!!"

Gene K. says,

"I bought a Drill master 18 volt cordless 3/8" drill/driver from Harbor Freight for $15.99 and attached it to a DRILL PADDLE. It worked quite well considering the low cost of the drill."

Ed G. says,

"I purchased the DRILL PADDLE because my tired old legs tend to cramp up when kicking my float tube. This looks like just the ticket to get me moving again!!"

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